The National о дорожном движении в столице

Вот такую интересную и здравую статью опубликовала в День без машин известная арабская газета The National (издаётся в Объединённых Арабских Эмиратах) о дорожной ситуации в Москве. Пара выдержек из статьи:

“Above-ground public transportation, such as buses, trolleys and trams, are often ensnared in the sea of cars on the roads. There is also a certain stigma in Russia about riding public transportation, that it is unbecoming of a successful, well-off person who can afford to drive or be chauffeured about.”

“Mikhail Blinkin, director of research programmes at the Scientific Research Institute of Transport and Road Engineering in Moscow, joked in a lecture at Moscow cafe following Mr Kuzmin’s announcement that he had a solution that would ensure 100 per cent of Muscovites would work close to home. “It’s called a concentration camp,” Mr Blinkin said.”